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  • You are welcome to download material from my site as freeware for personal use.

  • Our designs however are  NOT 
    Royalty Free 
    Public Domain. 
    All material, e.g. tutorials, poems, background graphics and stationery *unless stated otherwise*  was
     created by 
    Karin aka CatMar (CatMar Designs) and 
    is copyrighted 1999-present


  • You will find on our site examples of material I have designed.  
     Most of the pictures I use are taken by me, most graphics are created or designed by myself and thus copyrighted to me.
    However, I want to state here that I do not take credit for other graphics that I use in my stationery. I only take credit for designing it.
    I give credit where possible - if you find I have used any images on this site and not given proper credit, please let me know, by emailing me at: 

    (Change the _removethis_ to @)

    and I will give proper credit or remove the work if requested!


  • You may use bordered backgrounds offered for Stationery use as Personal Homepage backgrounds with a link back to my site and proper credit on the page you are using the graphic(s)!

  • You may not use any of my material for commercial websites (if you have banners on your site that earn you money, then it is considered a commercial website). For use on a commercial website you will have to contact me as certain terms and conditions will apply!

  • Do not dismantle the material and then re-assemble them with other components and distribute them as yours.


  • Do not alter and/or tamper with the Stationery and/or graphics in any way.

  • Do not display the Stationery in other galleries, as an add-on for other programs, or distribute them on disks, CD ROMS and/or other mass-distribution devices.


  • Material, tutorials, texts, poems written or designed by me  may not be included in any kind of money making ventures at all.

  • I do not allow my tutorials to be scripted.
  • Feel free to share a link of my tutorials, but if you want to use them in groups, please ask my permission by email beforehand.
  • Our graphics are not to be used at sites
    that advocate or contain
    discrimination in any form
    extreme political or other
    extremist views, ideas or beliefs
    hatred and violence
    abusive language
    pornography in any form.


  • Please do not link to the images on our site.
    Right-click to copy the graphics
     to your own hard disk. Or click on the link to download the Winzip.exe file of your choice.


Downloading and/or use any of the material from CatMar Designs Site is allowed only if you comply with the above.

Dowloading from our site means  that you  agree to and comply with the above.





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If by chance, you recognize pictures that are copyrighted by you, please email me and I will gladly give you credit for them...
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