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Most stationaries have their own zip file. 
Click on
Download to download the zip file.
You can download "Win-zip"

You will need to unzip them to 
C:/Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/Stationery. 
This way you can be sure they will work properly. 

How to use my stationery

For Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail:

Open my Stationery Preview html with Internet Explorer.

Go to: File/Send/Page by email.
Make sure you have Windows Live Mail set as your Default Mail progam.
The page then opens in your WLM, ready to be sent off.
You can write your message in the text box, just like you were used to in Outlook Express

If Internet Explorer has the Send page by E-mail greyed out then follow these instructions:

Right click in a blank space on your toolbar.
Select 'Customize' and then: 'Add/Remove commands'.
The Customize Toolbar box opens.
Scroll down the 'Available toolbar buttons' on the left.
Add the 'Send Page by E-mail' button to the 'Current toolbar button' pane on the right.
It will immediately be visible on your toolbar.
Close the box.
The 'Send Page by E-mail'-button should work straight away when you click on it!

For further information and reference
I advise you to join Dorothy Irene's Yahoo group
Stats and Windows 7:


If you're still using XP andOutlook Express:

Click:  Message
Click:  New Message Using
Click:  Select Stationery

After you click "Select Stationery" an Explorer window opens showing the contents of your stationery directory; choose the stationery you would like to use (you will see a small preview when you click a stationery file). Click "OK" to select the stationery you want and your compose window will open showing the stationery in the background. It will not be scrolling at this point. Type your message as you normally would and send it. If you want to see it scrolling you can now view it in your "Outbox" (while it's sending) or in your "Sent" folder after the email has finished sending.

Do not use the New Mail Button or "Format, Apply Stationery". This will not work. 

Outlook Express Tip:
You can preview the stationery effects if you enable your edit/source/preview tab. All you have to do when you're in the 'compose' window is click "View" and select "Source Edit" (you'll see a check mark appear next to it when you have selected it). Now you'll see 3 tabs at the lower left hand corner of your compose window:

Edit (the mode in which you write you email)

Source (allows you to see the source code of the email)

Preview (allows you to preview your email as it will appear to your recipient)

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