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This script has been written for PSPX but can also be used in other PSP versions.

Materials: Here

Unzip your materials. Set Win zip to 'use folder names'

example how to setup winzip

Open your 'cm-TutorialFlowerLoreTag' folder.

Font: Imprint MT Shadow -
Open the font and minimize it for later use.

Pattern: Save the 'colorful lens' pattern in your patterns folder

Tube: Open the cm-angelsgeranium.psp image in Paint Shop Pro and minimize.

Brushes: Save the brushes klchina 005 and a-t_aepoetry_4_15
in your brushes folder


The a-t_aepoetry_4_15 brush courtesy to http://aquired-taste.net/
The klchina 005 brush was in my brushes folder -
if you know who I can give credit for it, please let me know and I will gladly do so!

Now, let's start:

* ~ Remember: Save Often! ~ *

1. Open a new transparent image:
Width: 600,
Height: 550,
Color Depth: SixteenMillionColor/RGB 16Bits Channel.

new image

2. Set a dark color from your image as a background color
(I used #748c92)
and a light color as your foreground
(I used #f0faf9).

Materials: Set foreground and background colours

3. Layers: Change the name of your Raster Layer to 'Straw Wall'

rename layer to Straw Wall

4. Tools: Flood Fill
'Blend Mode': Normal,
'Match Mode': RGB Value,
'Color': #748c92,

Tools: Flood Fill

5. Effects: Texture Effects: Straw Wall
Default settings

Effects - texture effects - straw wall


6. Effects:
Edge Effects - Enhance

Effects - Edge effects - Enhance

7. Layers: Select Straw Wall Layer:
Set the 'Opacity': to 65.

lower opacity to 65


(Don't forget to Save!)


8. Layers: Add a new raster layer
- change its name into 'Sunburst'

Layers - New Layer- Sunburst

Keep the Sunburst-layer Active

9. Tools: Flood Fill Tool

Tools: Flood Fill
Flood fill with your light foreground color - #f0faf9

10. Select Effects - Illumination Effects - 'Sunburst'

Effects - Illumination effects - sunburst

Default settings


sunburst settings: Default


11. Edit: Repeat Sunburst

12. Layers: Select the Sunburst Layer
Set the layer Opacity back to 91%

Set layer opacity to 91%


13. Open or Maximize your Angels Geranium Tube.

Edit - Copy and then:

Edit - Paste as a new layer.

Move tool

14. Tools: Move Tool and Move the tube to the left of your image.

Move tube to the left

15. Layers: Lower the Opacity of the Angels Geranium layer to 91%.

* Save your work *

.... continued on page 2 //..


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To my very first tutorial of 1999 :0)

Click: Pear Blossom Frame

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