Knight in shining armour

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A visit to Doorwerth castle in The Netherlands inspired me to write this tutorial.
Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

This tutorial is my own creation.
Similarities to any other tutorial are purely accidental and certainly not intentional.
Please observe my terms of use. Thank you!

*~ * ~*

Level: Intermediate
Some working knowledge of PSP and a steady hand is required *s*

This tutorial was created with PSPX3, but other versions of PSP will work fine, too.
No outside filters were used.
I do not allow my tutorials to be scripted.

Materials can be found here

Unzip the materials to a folder of your liking or set Winzip to use folder names when you unzip.

You can open them when indicated in the course of this tutorial.
You can use my photograph for your background or use one of your own.

* ~ Remember: Save Often! ~ *

Ready? Let's start!

1. Open a new transparent image:
Width: 765,
Height: 570,
Color Depth: SixteenMillionColor/RGB 16Bits Channel.
File > Save as > Image1.pspimage


2. Open the "knightshiningcastlebg" photograph.
Window: Duplicate (Shift+D) and close the original.
Edit > Copy


3. Open art_gold.jpg
and set your foreground to the art_gold.jpg pattern

foreground pattern settings


4. Back to Image 1, your working image.
Selections>Select All
Select your Fill Tool and flood fill your image with the pattern.


5. Effects > Texture effects >
Mosaic Antique - default settings


6. Selections > Modify > contract 10 pixels

7. Layers > New raster layer

8. Remember your Castle background is still on your clipboard?
So, on your working image:
Edit > Paste into selection
Selections > Select none

9. Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow
Settings: Vertical: 2 Horizontal: 2
Opacity: 100 Blur: 2
Repeat with V&H -2
Colour: Black - html: #000000

~ Do not forget to save often! ~

10. Open image "cm-knightshininglady.psp"
Edit > Copy
(you can close this image after copying, we won't need it any more)
Back to your working image:
Edit > Paste as a new layer
Name this layer: "Lady"

11. Image > Resize > 80 percent
Tick box: Advanced settings
Tick box: resample using
select 'weighed average' from the drop down menu //
"Smart Size" in older versions of PSP

resize settings


12. Image > Mirror
and with your Move Tool place your lady on the right spot on your working image

Place your lady here

13. Activate layer "Lady"
Layers > Duplicate layer.

14. On this layer:
Effects > Distortion effects > Wind > From Left > Strength 60

Settings Wind

15. Layers > Arrange > Move down

16. Layers > Merge down

17. Open image "cm-knightshiningbook.psp"
Edit > copy (close image)
Back to your working image
Edit > paste as new layer
Rename this layer: "Book"

18. Image > Resize > 50 percent, settings as before: weighed average
With your mover tool place the book on its right place in the left side corner.


19. Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen

~ Do not forget to save often! ~


20. File: Open image "cm-knightshiningknightor"
Edit > Copy and close your image.
Back to your working image
Edit > Paste as a new layer.
Rename this layer: "Knight"
With your mover tool place your knight on the left side of your image.

Your working image should look a bit like this:

Place your knight here


21. Layers: Activate your Knight Layer
Layers > put the blend mode to 'Lighten'.

22. Effects > Edge effects > Enhance

23.Layers > Duplicate your Knight layer
Name this layer: "Knight2"
Effects > Distortion effects > Wind
Settings: From Left > Strength 60

24. Activate the "Knight2" layer:
Layers > Arrange > Move down

25. Activate your "Knight" layer:
Layers > Merge down

26. Move your Merged Knight layer below your Book layer like this:
Activate your top layer > Layers > Arrange > Move down

~* Save your work * ~

26. Activate your top layer -the Book layer
On your clipboard you still have a copied image of the Knight.
So: Edit > Paste as new layer

27. Image > Resize > 15 percent > Resample using weighed average //smart size

28. With your Mover Tool move your resized knight on the left page of your book.

29. Change your Mover Tool to "Pick" // "Deform" tool in older PSP versions

deform tool

30. Place your cursor on top-right node
and resize the knight until it fits nicely on the left page.
I rotated him slightly, too.

31. Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen

32. On your Materials Palette set your
foreground to art_gold -pattern and your
background to black - html: #000000

33. Make sure you are on your top layer
Activate your text tool
Load (or open) your "Formal436BT" font
Settings: see below

Text tool settings

Font: Formal436BT
Size: 36
Units: Pixels
Alignment: Middle
Anti-Alias: Smooth
Stroke Width: 2.0
Create as: Vector


34. Type:
"Knight in
shining Armour"

35. Position text in the blue sky just off the
top of the left tower


36. Convert to raster layer


37. Effects > Geometric effects > Spherize
Settings below:

Settings Spherize tool

Strength: 80
Shape: Circle

38. Move your text and/or your Knight around so the text looks a bit like a flying banner
from the top of the tower just above the tip of the Knight's helmet.

Your image should look like this now:

Your image should look like this now

39. Layers: New Raster Layer > Place your watermark.

40. Image > Add borders > 1 pixel colour black: html #000000

41. Layers >Merge > Merge all (Flatten)


42. Image > Resize your image to your liking.

43. File > Export > JPEG-Optimizer > and set your compression value to 15 or 20.

You did it!

* * *

Thank you for doing my tutorial!
I hope you enjoyed it and that you like your creation!

* * *

Thank you Bev from New Zealand and Jana from the USA for testing my tutorial
and for giving me the hints and tips that really *made* it!






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