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Scripted Stationery Index

 Below you will find examples of the some of the scripted stationery I have designed, made with Outlook Express/Windows7 scripts.
Most of the script use VBS - a Visual Basic Script program.

The zip file (I use WinZip) contains all files necessary for the stationery. For info on Unzipping check out our Help page.

You are welcome to download any of our stationery 
and use it as you please within the limits of our Terms of Use

 Examples are can be viewed as a web page. If you feel like you can't see the previews properly,
then there might be a light yellow bar yellow bar at the top of your screen.
Click on the bar and click on 'OK' to allow the 'Active-X' scripts to do their job.
Then you can see the pages as they were intended.

Windows 7 users:

Using Internet Explorer: You can send the page per e-mail in your Windows Live Mail
using the Send Page by email Button 'Send page by email-button'. The page then opens in your WLM and
If you can't find the button or if it has been 'greyed out' - check our Help page

The actual stationery, properly downloaded and used,  will work normally, of course. 
For more info on how to work with Outlook Express Stationery check out our Help page

If you like to share your own stationery, scripts or tags
feel free to join our small and friendly Script and Tag Group:

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Apart from the pictures and I took myself, and images I created
following tutorials or my own ideas and imagination,
I do not take credit for the graphics that I use in my stationery.
I only take credit for designing it.  
If by chance, you recognize pictures that are copyrighted by you,
please email me and
I will gladly give you credit for them!
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